Como Hablar en Público y No Morir en el Intento

Orlando, Fl- (Sunday, June 6, 2021) Did you know that 77% of people suffer from the fear of public speaking? That is why Hispanic Art & Culture is bringing to you “Como Hablar en Público y No Morir en el Intento” La Experiencia, a webinar that will teach you all you need to know about public speaking. It will help you manage that fear and work around those nerves. 

“It is important that everyone learns public speaking, because is not about standing in front of a big group, we are actually speaking in public all the time. And that is why Hispanic Art & Culture and I created this webinar to prepare you for those unexpected moments.” says Maria Del Mar Herrero, reporter from Estrella TV Orlando and host of the webinar. 

“Como Hablar en Público y No Morir en el Intento” La Experiencia, will help you learn exercises to be better at public speaking and techniques to use when those nerves attack you. The webinar will be on June 25, 2021 at 6:00p.m. and is expected to last 3 hours. 

Hispanic Art & Culture is always trying to bring different initiatives that will benefit the Hispanic community and this webinar is not the exception. With the purpose of also helping the community learn, from the hands of community leaders that have the capacity to contribute to our community in the best way possible. This event offers a service that will benefit our community not only now and when working together but also in their future and for their personal use. Here is some information about glossophobia, which this webinar will help to deal with these different situations. 

Maria Del Mar Herrero has been a reporter for over 8 years in Estrella TV Orlando. She also has a Bachelor’s in Science on Media Communications and has studied this topic for many years. That is why she is such a great asset for this webinar and will give you the tools you need to succeed at public speaking. 

Inviting to register to this free webinar that will be offer online, just go to Eventbrite and register to reserve your spot. For any more information please contact Hispanic Art & Culture at or at 407-725-9739. You can also send an email to the organization at If you would like to see other webinar with other interesting topics like this one, please feel free to contact Hispanic Art & Culture. 


Maria del Mar Herrero

Hispanic Art & Culture

Orlando, Fl

Ph: 407-725-9739

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