Cómo Hablar en Público y no Morir en el Intento Webinar

Cómo Hablar en Público y no Morir en el Intento is an online webinar that will help you with your public speaking skills. You will learn new techniques to help with your nerves and also new exercises you can do before and when preparing yourself for a speech. Public speaking is something that is done by everyone, every day and at all times, which is why this webinar is perfect for everyone that gets a little nervous or a lot nervous when having to communicate with a group of people no matter how big or how small. 

The webinar will be hosted by Maria del Mar Herrero, TV/Radio host, she has work in the field for 8 years and hosts a local TV show, “De Todo un Poco TV”. She also has a bachelor’s in Media Communications and is working right now in completing her master’s in Public Relations. 

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